Our expertise in providing high quality steel fabrications to the petrochemical industry has been growing for over twenty years

Since 1998, we have worked to provide the highest quality steel fabrications to the industry. We can produce everything from onshore and offshore process skid assemblies to flare stacks and more.

Whatever our clients require, we have the capability to deliver fully in-house. Our dedicated team work on all aspects of delivery and offer a full turnkey service, from the initial concept and design through to manufacture, testing, and assembly. Investment in new technologies and our facility makes us one the most reliable and efficient steel fabricators for petrochemical contractors across the UK, while our trial assembly area provides extra assurance for our clients.

We have a long history of technical experience across this sector. Our highly qualified engineers thrive on developing innovative solutions to this complex industry. Our lean management structure gives us flexibility in our approach and the ability to deploy the most talented people for each project.

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