Westbury Park Engineering is proud to have been part of a unique and complex roof structure fabrication for Bourne Steel Ltd.  Perched atop a 47 storey high rise residential tower in south London, the rooftop steelwork fabrication has a four-pronged steel crown designed as an integral architectural and structural system to support the buildings balconies.

Known as Highpoint, the tower, which is located on Newington Butts overlooks the Elephant and Castle roundabout, will at 150m high be one of the capital’s tallest residential buildings.

The crown being positioned at such height created a number of challenges.  To ensure a smooth erection all components had to fit perfectly and any issues ironed out before work on installing the crown at a height of 154m could begin.  The trail erection, undertaken at our facilities by Bourne Steel, helped to overcome a number of logistical challenges.  The trial erection replicated the actual erection even though it was performed at ground level.  This included marking out a space around the crown, identical to the top of the tower, in which all the work was done.

Once the trial assembly was complete, the structure and working trestles were separated and transported to the site and successfully installed and erected.

Further details of this project can be found in the September 2017 issue NSC magazine – www.newsteelconstruction.com